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Build your timeline from a photographers perspective!

Hi friends! We partnered with one of our favorite photographers, Kristin Giles Photography, to pick her brain on exactly how to build your timeline and make sure you get the photos of your dreams! Afterall, when the day is over, all you will have left are the memories made and the photos to look back on. Enjoy!

How do you know if you need more than one photographer?  

Hiring a second photographer depends on a lot of variables on your wedding day. The size of the wedding and the logistics of the timeline being the main factors. If your wedding is larger, having an additional photographer there will allow for more photos and more angles (ie: more area covered), especially at the reception. I would personally recommend having a second photographer if your wedding has 150 or more guests. The next reason that most clients hire a second photographer is if they have a timeline that is either tight or if their getting ready location is separate from their fiancé’s and separate from the venue (timeline logistics). With a second photographer we can split up and tackle multiple locations at once!

What are your thoughts on how to adjust timing when working with a videographer? 

The first thing I do when I arrive at a wedding where there is a videographer is have a chat about our plans, the timeline and how we can work TOGETHER to create magic for our client. Working with each other is totally doable if there is communication between teams. When it comes to timing, typically one of us will set something up (for example: a dress shot) and then allow the other to capture the same thing before or after. Really we are there capturing the same moments, so just knowing how to work around each other is so beneficial. 

What are your feelings on a First look vs no first look?

This is the question of the day!! I always, always, always respect my clients wishes to either have or not have a first look. However… there are SO MANY benefits to having one. Having a first look allows you to knock out a ton pf photos before the ceremony even begins and that means you get to be at your reception even sooner! There are alternatives to a first look as well that will give you the same feeling but without actually seeing each other (First touch, reading a letter to your son to be groom, etc)

When should photography services begin and end?

 I recommend starting photography services 2-3 hours before the ceremony start time. This allows for me to get those amazing detail photos, some portraits and getting ready and first looks if you choose to have one. With the average photography coverage being 8 hours, this is plenty of time to get all of that and the exit!

How much time should you allot for family and bridal party photos? 

Timing for family and bridal party photos will depend greatly on the number of groupings and the size of your bridal party. I typically recommend 30 minutes for family (with approx 10 groupings) and 15 for bridal party!

What do your suggest for the ceremony start time to capture the best photos?  

THE BEST time to take photos is going to be the magical light that happens at Golden Hour (the hour before sunset). When my clients as me when they should start their ceremony we discuss their timeline and whether or not they will have a first look. 

No first look:

For a 30 minute ceremony + 30 minutes of family photos + 15 minutes of bridal party photos + 15 minutes of Bride + Groom Portraits I would start the ceremony 1.5-2 hours before sunset.  First look: For a 30 minute ceremony + 10 minutes of family photos + 15 minutes of Bride + Groom Portraits I would start the ceremony 1-1.5 hours before sunset 

So there you have it, how to build the perfect timeline keeping your photos in mind!

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