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Our 2024 Wedding Trend Predictions

Weddings may be rooted in tradition but they are changing all the time!  Just like home décor and fashion, wedding trends cycle in and out and evolve.  The modern couple may want some nods to tradition, but they crave individuality and uniqueness.  Today, we are diving all in and sharing with you what we feel the top weddings trends of 2024 will be. Buckle up!  

Ceiling Installations:

The Future is looking up, quite literally!  In 2024, ceilings will make a big splash.  In the past several years, we’ve seen a rise in florals in the ceiling, but this year we’re thinking beyond just that.  Picture intricate, flowing fabrics draped above you as you share an intimate meal with your closest friends and family.  Or fun fringe lanterns with florals interspersed above your dance floor

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wedding ceremony dramatic aisle

The Return of the Dramatic Aisle:

In the past several years, couples have put the ceremony décor on the backburner and focused their budget on the reception, but not anymore!  Dramatic aisles gained popularity in 2023 thanks to the mirrored aisle and this trend is continuing into 2024.    

2024 is all about taking these trends to the next level! Expect more intricate details, unique designs, and personal touches that scream sophistication and elegance.

More Buildouts and Lot's of Customization:

wedding ceremony custom buildout

Get ready for a whole new level of personalization in 2024!  This year, we’re predicting custom structures will make a big splash.  We're talking bold wooden arches, custom bars and innovative table designs—details that aren't just decorations, but integral parts of your unforgettable day. 

wedding reception custom buildout

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Return of Retro:

You know what they say, everything comes back around!  Just as we’ve seen fashion and home décor cycle through (you can’t pay me enough to wear low rise jeans again IYKYK), weddings are no different!  It started with the return of disco balls over the last few years and is now manifesting into bold color palettes, heart shaped cakes and film photography. It’s time to boogie! Okay I’m done. 😂  

Film Photography:

Much like heart shaped cakes and died satin shoes, the timeless charm of film photography is making a glamorous comeback, and honestly, we're here for it! There's something undeniably magical about film – its rich colors, the depth of its textures, and the way it captures light – it's like each photograph is whispering its own little secret. In a world where everything is instant and digital, film photography brings back the art of patience and the thrill of anticipation. It's not just about snapping a picture; it's about crafting a memory. The grainy, dreamlike quality of film adds a layer of nostalgia and sophistication that digital images just can't replicate. This is why more couples are opting for film photographers to immortalize their wedding day. It’s not just photography; it’s a timeless piece of art, creating memories that feel as heartfelt and authentic as a handwritten love letter. Film is not just making a comeback; it's redefining elegance in the digital age.

Bridal Fashion: Timeless yet Contemporary:

Bridal fashion is taking a bold turn in 2024, blending drama with timeless elegance. Picture classic silhouettes like A-line or ball gown with unexpected details that scream modernity. 

This year's bridal style is definitely a less is more kind if vibe. Here’s some of our favorite predictions:

  1. Classic Silhouettes with Modern Details: Expect timeless silhouettes with a twist! Think A-line or ball gown dresses with unexpected details that scream modernity.

  2. Minimalist Elegance: Less is more! Clean lines and subtle sophistication will steal the show.

  3. Mixing Textures and Fabrics: Get ready for a fusion of traditional fabrics with unconventional materials—say hello to a stunning contrast!

  4. Convertible and Versatile Styles: Transform your look effortlessly! Detachable elements add versatility to your attire. Removable pearl sleeves anyone?

Unexpected Color Palettes: Step outside the box with soft pastels or even bolder hues  for a contemporary, unbridled look.

Experiential Wedding Weekends:

Couples are craving more than just a 5 hour celebration – 2024 is all about stretching out the happiness and making it last:

  • Extended Celebrations: Why settle for a day when you can have a whole weekend? From heartwarming welcome parties to the main ceremony, and culminating in a joyous post-wedding brunch – it's the new wedding marathon.

  • Destination Weddings and Getaways: Exchange your vows in a setting so stunning, it takes your breath away. These weddings are not just a ceremony; they're a mini-vacation for everyone attending, full of awe and adventure.

  • Thematic Experiences: Dive deep into a sea of themes over the weekend, each day offering a new world to explore. It's a kaleidoscope of experiences, ensuring your celebration is anything but ordinary.

Expect couples in 2024 to continue pushing the envelope, finding ever more creative ways to make their wedding celebrations not just a day, but a journey – inclusive, memorable, and utterly unforgettable for everyone involved.

Candles, Candles, Candles:

Thanks to Kim K’s dinner party, we see a big trend in couples foregoing floral centerpieces and instead, lining the tables and even ceremony aisles  with lots of candles!  It makes a huge statement and gives off a moody, romantic vibe.  We’re definitely here for it! 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Bold Colors:

In 2024, it's all about ditching the muted tones and embracing an array of lively colors that add an extra dose of fun and flair. While neutral tones will never go out of style, they have certainly taken a backseat!   Don’t be afraid to play with a bolder color scheme, even if you choose to mix these in calmer shades as well. This trend reflects a move towards more expressive and personalized wedding designs, allowing couples to showcase their unique styles. 

Monochromatic Color:

Seriously, folks, this trend is all about dialing up the style with a single color that's flexed in every shade, tone, and depth imaginable. Imagine your entire celebration draped in different hues of your favorite color. This is one of the more challenging trends to execute–it takes a certain amount of restraint and intention, but when done well, it creates a beautiful depth of design.   

Color Blocking and Contrasts:

color blocking wedding dress

This trend is all about bringing together bold and contrasting colors in a way that's as eye-catching as it is stylish. It's about using vivid, contrasting colors that stand out and make a statement. Picture a wedding where colors mingle like they’re at a speed dating event – fast, fun, and making unexpected connections! Color Blocking is your ticket to creating a celebration that's effortlessly chic, contemporary, and bursting with personality. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Patterns and Prints:

geometric pattern wedding

I was in Neiman Marcus looking at some of the higher fashion pieces recently (a girl can dream, right?) and noticed a daring mix of fun, geometric shapes intertwined with delicate floral patterns. This bold yet playful fusion had me captivated! It's only a matter of time before these audacious combinations become the next big thing in wedding style.

Imagine sleek lines and captivating shapes, each adding a modern, artsy flair to the wedding scene. And let's talk about floral prints – they're making a colossal comeback but with an exciting twist! We're moving beyond traditional flower motifs to embrace oversized blooms, abstract florals, and intricate botanical designs. These elements are transforming décor and attire, infusing them with a fresh, contemporary zest. It's a trend that promises to turn heads and spark imaginations in the wedding world!

Understated Bouquets:

This year, we're placing our bets on understated bouquets stealing the spotlight. They're the perfect complement, allowing the bride and her gown – a blend of sophisticated grace and contemporary chic – to truly dazzle. There's something irresistibly charming about the delicate simplicity of these bouquets, don't you think? They whisper elegance rather than shout it, making every bridal moment subtly spectacular. We're totally smitten with their sweet, dainty allure – and we bet you will be, too!"

bride and bridesmaids

More "Themes":

2023 was the year that 'Bridgerton'-inspired weddings took center stage! Our brides fell head over heels for everything from the dreamy blue hydrangeas to the lavish flatware and eclectic mix of patterns. They adored the  decedent and luxurious vibe this theme added to their special day. We're betting this "theme" trend will continue to captivate hearts in 2024 and beyond. Our clients are weaving their own life experiences into their wedding designs, making each event uniquely personal. Imagine, for instance, getting engaged beneath the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower and then recreating that magical Parisian vibe right here. It's like teleporting France to your doorstep – magnifique, n'est-ce pas? 😊

And there you have it, dear readers – our predictions for the 2024 wedding trends! Just a little reminder, though: while keeping up with the 'in' and 'out' of the wedding world can be fun, don't let it sweep you off your feet and dictate your decisions. Remember, at the heart of your big day is you and your significant other. Choose what sings to your hearts, what feels unmistakably 'you'.

We're all ears now! Dive into the comments and spill the beans – what are your predictions for the 2024 wedding scene? Any trend you're secretly hoping will make the cut? Let's chat, brainstorm, and maybe, just maybe, inspire each other for the fabulous weddings of 2024.


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