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Répondez s’il vous plaît!

Responding to a wedding invite is the most important duty you’ll have as a guest. Your response allows the couple to solidify various details needed to finalize before their wedding. So if you’re looking for the who, what, when, where, why and how of it all, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a few tips on how to make sure you’re an all-star guest when sending in your RSVP!

What does RSVP even mean? RSVP stands for “Répondez s’il vous plaît”, which is the French phrase for “please respond”. When you RSVP to a wedding invitation, you’re letting the couple know whether or not you’ll be in attendance. You’re also giving the bride and groom the 411 they need to confirm seating, catering selections, and even the cake size!

You can help to make the RSVP process smooth and stress-free for the couple by keeping these tips in mind:

1. RSVP ASAP! Whether you’ve been invited to the wedding of your bestie or great aunt Mildred, you should always respond to a wedding invitation way before the due date.

2. Don’t request a plus one if you haven’t been allocated a plus one. Your invitation will include the words “and Guest” or “+1” after your name. Due to budget and venue restrictions, it may not be viable to offer plus ones to single guests.

3. Don’t RSVP unless you’re 100% sure you can/can’t attend. Be mindful of kids. If the couple has clearly specified the wedding is going to be a child-free event, it’s important to respect their decision. Don’t kick up a fuss or ask for an exception (unless, of course, you have a newborn – in which case most couples will be completely understanding!). If you are unable to attend RSVP with a “No.” It’s never okay to not respond at all. If you’re particularly close with the couple, it can also be a nice gesture to send them a handwritten note or call them in addition to expressing your regrets formally.

4. Don’t (attempt to) RSVP to a wedding you haven’t been invited to. Period.

5. Fill out the response card fully, if provided. Do the hosts a favor and make sure to fully fill out the RSVP card with all requested information.

6. Make sure to RSVP using the method the hosts have requested. If they’ve asked you to respond online, don’t shoot them a text, a call, or send them a DM. Using anything other than their preferred way of gathering responses will make it difficult for them to keep track of everyone and maintain accurate totals.

7. Use the RSVP card, if provided. If a paper response card is included with your invitation, use it let the hosts know if you can attend or can’t make it.

8. Use the provided stamped envelope. If there’s an RSVP card included with your invitation, typically an envelope (complete with a return address and postage) is included is well.

9. Respond to all wedding event invitations. You should receive separate invitations to all wedding-related events, such as the engagement party, shower, and rehearsal dinner. RSVP to each event individually (again, using whatever RSVP method they’ve requested).

10. Make sure you write legibly! If the RSVP card is blank, make sure the couple can read your writing.

Remember, by responding to a wedding invitation correctly and promptly you’ll be a stellar wedding guest, and it is one of the best ways to help out the happy couple!

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