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The Perfect Palette


From pretty pinks to ravishing reds - color holds meaning, sets the tone, and adds your own touch of uniqueness to your special day. Today, we're going to walk you through and help you understand the World of Color.



The first step in building your florals is picking your palette. From a Romantic Garden to Eclectic Boho, color tones will greatly affect how you communicate your vibe throughout your event.

Two rules of thumb when choosing your color scheme.

(1) Keep Nature in mind. Nature rarely creates its masterpiece in flat colors, but rather in variation.

Photo || @Tinymumphotography

In most cases, your bouquet color tones will serve as a transitional design for your overall wedding theme.

(2) Pick a minimum of 5 shades for your color scheme. As we mentioned, nature creates through variation; because of this, the 5 shade rule allows you to select transitional colors that tie your floral elements to your general wedding design. Ending in a wonderous, colorful unity.



With the fall season upon us, most of our Whimsical family are planning their special day for the spring season. We thought we would give you guys our tips and tricks on what to look for when choosing your color scheme! Now there are two ways you can proceed when choosing a palette. A spin on traditional all-white or colorful pastels! (See picture below).

MELANIE'S TIP: Great flower choices would be Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Flowering Branch, or Spiraea (A.K.A Bridal wreath).



As we talked about, a crucial aspect of color selection is trying to expand your palette. We understand that it may be hard to expand to the perfect palette due to the plethora of shades that are available. Because of this, we thought we would share an insider secret for our whimsical family! Coolor is a free online service that allows you to generate various color palettes based on your theme, favorite color, or randomizer if need somewhere to start.

Click the box below to try it out and let us know what you guys think!


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