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Yay! You're engaged! Now what?

This is the time to celebrate and enjoy the journey to planning your wedding. That feeling of walking on air and enjoying how much you love each other is unlike any other, nothing could dampen that feeling! Right? …Maybe not. By the time many of clients book us for their wedding, there have been myriad of decisions made and expectations met by family and close friends. Whether is cultural, religious, or just because your Aunt Cathy wants to bring her dog walker’s sister’s boyfriend!

While the expectations and promises and decisions they bring to the table are welcomed, they are not always wanted. So, what do you do?

Take a deep breath and let your wedding planner stress so you don’t have to!

After you set the date, and before you start choosing a venue and begin making a guest list, it is important to make a list of the decisions imparted to you by others and bring this list to your wedding consultation. We can help you map the engagement journey, which helps set the tone for your marriage. This is YOUR journey after all, it should be what you envisioned from the moment you say “Yes!”. We are happy help pick out those decisions that may be a great addition to making your wedding as special as can be. If they are not, we have plenty of trash cans you can toss that list into!

I know what you’re thinking, you are thinking that I am out of my mind! That what I am saying sounds impossible! What if I said to you, “this really is easier than it sounds!”, would that change your attitude towards the engagement planning process and how your wedding will ultimately turn out? Well, it really is this easy. Our biggest joy is to make YOUR dream wedding a REALITY!

So how do we start? It comes down to these three things... Ready? LET’S GO!

1) Take the time to enjoy this moment in your life. Trust your gut! You are the ones who are getting married! So just remember if a venue or vendor does not feel right, does not excite you…. then pass and move on to the next! What do I mean by this? Well, recently my future mister and I went to look at a venue for our special day, and let me tell you it was the most horrific experience I have ever had. From the moment we walked in, the staff was rude and uninterested. The person in charge of showing us the space was not helpful, rolled their eyes, rude, and made us feel like the biggest burden ever.. We could not wait to get out of there! I simply said, “you know what, we aren’t going to continue, but thank you for your time.” We left so fast, I am pretty sure you could see the smoke from our heels as we booked it out of there! Would you leave your beautiful wedding in the hands of someone who isn’t passionate about their venue? NOPE!!!!!! Breathe! Is every other conversation with your beloved about dreading the planning process of your wedding? Frustration loomining at the thought of interviewing another vendor? If you answered yes, it is now time to take a breath and step back. Hire a wedding planner and delegate tasks. This is supposed to be one of the HAPPIEST moments in your life. If every time you start to think about your wedding you start getting stressed, it's time to take a breath and a bubble bath!

2) How do you want the morning of your wedding to feel? Nerve racking, stressful, a feeling of anxiousness like you just cannot wait for it to be over? Or would you rather feel calm, relaxed, excited, confident everything is going to be better than you expected? Determining what you like and how you want the vibe of your wedding to be without compromising who you really are. These questions are an important compass in mapping your journey.

Ask yourself things like “what do I do for the bridal party?”, or “do I want a huge number or even any at all?” Other examples are What type of music do you want? It is important to stick to what makes you and your fiancé HAPPY!! Don’t worry about what others would want! This is your wedding day. Whether you have 2 in your bridal party and play non-stop party polka, the thing that matters is that this day represents your love for each other.

3) What vibe do you want on your wedding day? Do you want to convey that feeling of excitement, and happiness mixed with love, relaxation? How will guests be greeted at your ceremony? Will you have a guestbook at the ceremony or reception or both (for those that forgot to sign)? If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception, will you provide shade? Blankets if a winter wedding? Water if a summer wedding? Hand sanitizers, masks? While this list of questions can lead you down a wedding rabbit hole, the most important thing is the vibe you want to convey to your guests. The sound of going down the rabbit hole not something that makes you jump for joy. Make a list! I cannot stress this enough! Bring a list of what your ideas are, the type of things that make you and your love –YOU! Jot down types of things you’d like to enjoy throughout the day and night.

Talking all this out with your wedding planner really helps figure out exactly what you’re after! We are more than just planners. We are sounding boards, an ear if you need to vent about a crazy vendor or relative trying to push things onto you that you don’t want. Planning a wedding can become crazy and stressful! Why should all that fall on you? Answer? It shouldn’t. Remember this journey is about YOUR happiness and staying as stress free as possible.

Remember, when you start getting anxious or feeling a bit overwhelmed, just remember these three things…

1. How are YOU feeling right now?

2. How do YOU want to feel on YOUR wedding day?

3. What vibe do YOU want YOUR wedding to convey?

The number one thing above all else is remember this journey is for you and your fiancée. It’s the time to relish in the special moments that are headed your way and the happiness it brings you.

Sit back, let your wedding planner worry about the details, relax and enjoy the ride.

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