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An Earthy, Moody, and Romantic Wedding | The Luminaire | Montgomery, Tx

Caitlin and Sam's earthy wedding embodied a vision of joy, informality, and, at the Groom's request, a stellar cocktail hour. Their main priority was for their guests to be relaxed and have a good time!   The design was also something that was really important to Caitlin, she knew the colors she liked and the vibe she wanted so we ran with it! The day radiated an earthy, moody, and romantic tone, creating a distinctive ambiance. We chose a color palette with a  rich array of greens, complemented by the deep tones of red and burgundy, and incorporated a lot of different textures,  capturing the cozy vibes of autumn. From the laid-back atmosphere to the carefully selected hues, every detail echoed the couple's desire for a wedding that was not only visually stunning but also a true reflection of their personalities and the warmth of the fall season.

Selecting The Luminaire as the venue for Caitlin and Sam's wedding was a no-brainer! It provided the convenience of hosting both the ceremony and reception at one location. The addition of a stunning outdoor area, ideal for crafting inviting lounge spaces during cocktail hour, sealed the deal for us. We had this gut feeling that it was the perfect fit, and we couldn't have been more right.

Plus, the chapel is a gem. The abundance of natural light created a warm and inviting atmosphere. The aisle was romantically lined with candles, creating the moody ambiance Caitlin desired. We were able to enhance the space with concrete pedestals, which tied in the concrete floors flawlessly,  adorned with stunning florals.  It's these thoughtful details that make The Luminaire truly stand out for Caitlin and Sam's big day.

Caitlin's bouquet, organic in shape, had various textural elements, which perfectly complemented her a-line dress. While Sam's boutonniere took a unique twist with a pocket square arrangement, departing from the traditional pin-on style.

For their wedding, the couple envisioned a rich and inviting atmosphere. They opted for fall colors, prominent blooms, such as  anemones, dahlias, ranunculus, and textural blooms like Amaranthus and Astilbe. These were carefully selected and created by our floral designers, catering to the bride's mom's love for flowers,  and plenty of texture, complemented by gold and black accents. The décor featured two lounge areas, exuding class with touches of earthy elements. Throughout the venue, cocktail tables were strategically placed, accompanied by an outdoor bar and a custom bar sign. 

For the reception, the tables were dressed in beautiful forest green colored linens that were supplied by Decor by Dulce, with a subtle texture that added depth. Terracotta cheesecloth napkins were artfully arranged on black wooden chargers, accompanied by black flatware and black water goblets. Rectangular tables showcased repurposed bridesmaid bouquets in elegant vases, surrounded by greenery and accented with black candlesticks. While round tables featured two distinct centerpieces—one with romantic floral

Caitlin and Sam's wedding at The Luminaire was a perfect blend of personal touches and stylish décor. From the captivating fall-themed décor to the unconventional dessert station and Italian food spread, every detail reflected the couple's unique taste and love story.

Contributing Vendors:

Photographer: Tiny Mum Photography

Entertainment: Essen Entertainment

Beauty: Tease HTX

Rentals + Decor: Decor By Dulce


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