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Luxury Wedding Planning and Design, Houston Texas 

Yay-! You're engaged! 

Now what?

When it comes to the wedding planning process, the newly engaged spectrum ranges from “I have no idea what I’m doing" to “I think wedding planning may be my calling, I should quit my day job.” Are you one of those that has no clue where to start, or have you planned everything down to the last detail and just need help pulling it together so you can enjoy the day? Either way, we have a package for you! 

Houston Downtown Engagement Photo Inspiration
sweetheart table with neon sign Best I ever Had

You can be as involved (or not!) as you would like.  This package is designed for the couple who: 

  • Want to soak up all the fun that engagement has to offer. 

  • Needs someone to lead the charge from start to finish with things like budget management, design planning, and vendor selection.

  • Have a planning “BFF” as a sounding board when Aunt Carol decided you should invite 5 more cousins.




Luxury Reception Table Settings White Florals and Greenery




Do you feel like you need help filling in the gaps? This package is great for those who:

  • Wants to test out their Jennifer Lopez skills but needs a pro to guide them. 

  • Need to save some money by doing a few things on their own, but would like help with things like budget management, design planning and selecting a few key vendors (you choose which ones)!   

  • Planning BFF still included. 

Bride and Groom Cheers at Wedding




Be a guest at your own wedding!  This package is designed for the couple who:

  • Is comfortable planning their wedding on their own, but want to relax on the day of and rest assured nothing will be forgotten.  

  • Let someone else take over the reigns six to eight weeks before the wedding.

  • BFF BONUS-  Included is a free one hour planning meeting with one of our planners to set you up with a roadmap for success!




Your wedding shouldn't feel like everyone else's, it should feel like yours.  Let us design the wedding you've always dreamt about, but make it even better! This is the perfect add-on for the couple who can do all the planning on their own, but needs a professional to create a cohesive and intentional design made just for them. 

Wedding Planning and Design Coordinating

Starting Investment | $1200

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