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Small-Scale Wedding Ideas and Intimate Celebrations for Introvert Couples

Planning a wedding can be challenging in a variety of ways. However, for some, it's not just the planning process that can seem overwhelming, it's the thought of having to be the center of attention to 200-plus people for a night! While not everyone likes to take center stage we truly believe that they still deserve their moment and that is why we have compiled a list of ideas for our introverted couples! From adjusting your guest list to only your nearest and dearest to modifying traditions like cake cutting, we have got you covered for your introverted and intimate wedding dreams!

Ceremony at a micro-wedding

Micro-Weddings - a term that came out during the COVID era and hasn't seen any slowing down since! Micro-weddings or intimate weddings refer to weddings with 25 or fewer people and typically consist of a fancy dinner party or a destination vacation! These are great for introvert weddings for many reasons, the first being that you are only inviting your closest family and friends so you can do more with your budget. You can opt for a bigger and better tablescape or serve your guests a culinary experience, you are truly able to personalize almost every aspect of your day! Or, if you opt for a destination wedding, allowing you to share in experiences rather than be the center of attention at every turn. If you decide that a micro wedding is the best fit for you, consider choosing a casual location for an intimate wedding.

For the couples who want an introvert wedding but have bigger guest lists but still want to incorporate aspects to help with taking the full attention off of you while also minimizing your anxiety, this is for you!

Intimate and delicate cake set-up

Unannounced Cake Cutting: Don't get us wrong, we love cake cuttings just as much as the next person because come on, who doesn't love cake? It's a time to show off not only the beautiful cake design but also the sweet moment of the two of you sharing your first married bite together. However, you can still have both of these moments without broadcasting It to all of your guests. By placing your cake in a spot that still allows it to be highlighted while also being off to the side you can just tell your DJ not to announce the cake cutting and either keep it a moment for just you and your partner or only tell your closest friends and family to come witness. This is where having a wedding planner who understands your introvert wedding wants and needs comes into play! Read our past article "Why Invest In A Wedding Planner" to learn the investment value.

Modified First Dance: We've seen this done a couple of ways. you can either do a minute-long or so first dance and then have your DJ announce for other couples to come out and join or you can do an anniversary dance instead! If you are unfamiliar with an anniversary dance it is when the DJ gets all of the couples on the dance floor and counts how many years the couple has been together until the final one is left. Instead of leaving the couple who has been together the longest on the dance floor, you can always have it go the opposite way so you and your partner get to have a little solo moment!

Mini ceremony in a quaint chapel

Small Wedding Party: You can do one person on each side or even opt to not have a wedding party at all. The purpose of a wedding party is to have people next to you who mean something to you and your partner's life while also taking away some of the pre-wedding jitters. If the thought of having people next to you is giving you the opposite reaction then try to consider having just a family member next to you. We want you to feel the most comfortable!

No Grand Entrance or Exit: Just because we see all over social media these elaborate entrances and exits with sparklers and haze doesn't mean you have to do that! Just simply join your guests at the end of cocktail hour, that honestly may be just as big of a moment as if you had everyone stop and cheer for you! In regards to an exit, who even wants to wrangle up all your guests who are still in the party mood to go stand outside for 20 minutes to get a picture? No one! Just keep the party going for as long as you can and have an easy exit with everyone else.

Personal moment between newly married couple

First Look: Seeing your significant other before the ceremony is the way to go for introvert weddings. Not only do you get to calm your pre-ceremony nerves but it also allows for some free time in your timeline! You can get a majority of your pictures done early and get to enjoy your cocktail hour instead of doing that big grand entrance we referenced above. It's a win-win!

Private Vows: Your vows are the most important piece of the day. They create the foundation and signify the joining of you both as a couple. If you are feeling anxious about showing your heart on your sleeve in front of all your guests, consider scheduling a moment in your day where it's just you and your partner reciting your personal vows to each other, and then you can recite traditional vows in front of everyone else! This is a great option to keep your introvert wedding day filled with intimate moments between just the two of you.

Peaceful Wedding Eve and Wedding Morning: Leading up to and on your actual wedding day is a whirlwind of moments. A day meant to celebrate you and your partner's love can easily turn into a day that only sparingly allows for personal time between the two of you. To keep you both at ease throw out the superstitions and stay together the night before your introvert wedding and have a peaceful and calm morning just the two of you. When looking back at your big day you will never regret spending more time together! Consider limiting the number of people in the room while you're getting ready. You don't want to add to your nervousness by having a bunch of people surrounding you. Keep it simple and choose people that you feel the most comfortable around!

Bride taking a moment to herself before walking down the aisle

Another popular option we are seeing lately is eloping first and then doing a reception later. This choice has a lot of perks, one being that you can choose to make the moment just you and your partner and keep it a very intimate time together. Your elopement can be something that you both can look back on as a stress-free and love-filled moment. This is also an option for couples who want to go the destination route! By legally tying the knot in the U.S. you don't have to worry about all the paperwork needed for an international legal ceremony. It also allows you to still be married but gives you time to save up money to throw the intimate wedding of your dreams!

With a wedding comes an array of emotions and while we hope that most of them are happy we also understand that for some couples it can be filled with more anxious and overwhelming feelings. Our hope with this was to show you ways to minimize those pesky anxious thoughts and make your wedding day as fun and memorable as possible! Did you implement anything in your wedding that you think may be helpful for introverted couples? Comment down below!

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