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A Whimsical and Moody Wedding | The Bowery House and Gardens | Katy, Tx

When we first talked to Bailey, she said she wanted her wedding to have a whimsical, and moody vibe with lots of fun lighting reminiscent of the movie Twilight, and boy did we deliver! We chose the Bowery House in Katy, for the venue as we felt it would be the perfect backdrop to bring this vision to life. The couple put careful thought into their color palette, which consisted of various shades of burgundy, black, and deep purple.

Bailey’s bridal party wore beautiful burgundy velvet dresses in various different styles. We took extra care with ensuring that their floral arrangements were in *insert chefs kiss* perfect harmony with the vibe that Bailey and Benjamin wanted to create.

Every detail of Bailey and Ben’s wedding was carefully thought out, and brought to life. They chose to have a bold black wedding cake with beautiful flowers running down the side, and their adorable pooch on the back of it. They had string lights hung behind the head table to give that “Twilight” vibe Bailey had always dreamed of and placed lounge furniture around the dance floor to create a warm and welcoming space.. The chandelier above the dance floor at The Bowery House was adorned with a stunning floral installation that further added to the overall mood. The mix of colors, including burgundy, black, and deep purple, created a rich contrast to the lighter tones of the venue's decor and made for a dramatic and charming atmosphere.

As the wedding took place on a cold and rainy day, it wasn't all perfect sailing for the happy couple, but they took it all in stride. The optimistic and light-hearted nature of the couple shone through, paired with the magnificent styling of the venue and the thoughtful consideration put into the wedding. The final result was a stunning wedding day with every intricate detail fabulously perfect and stunning!

If you're planning your wedding day, take note of Bailey and Ben's creativity, the charming character, and the love that they have for each other made their wedding day truly unique. The decor, lighting, and choice of venue should all be considered carefully, keeping in mind the look and feel you would like to transpire on your big day. A wedding planner can be invaluable in taking care of those critical considerations, while also working with you to make sure your vision is achieved. The happy couple's wedding proves that exploring unique ways to make a wedding personal can often be the best way to create an enchanted and unforgettable day.


Wedding Planning, Design + Florals- @whimsical_events_tx

Venue- @boweryhousekaty Photography- @sarah_e_photo Hair and Make-up- @adorneartistry Bridal Dress- @nowandforeverbridalbtq Linens + Lounge Furniture- @decorbydulce

Donuts- @donut_junkie

Entertainment + Lighting- @uniquestylep

Seating Chart, Champagne Wall + Neon- @lgeventpro

Transportation- @riveroakslimotx


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