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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Stationery and Signage

Alright, lovebirds, we’re diving into the stationery world where our wedding invitations and paper goods set  the vibe for your big day,  and should reflect your unique style and personality. Whether you prefer classic elegance, earthy charm, or modern minimalism, there is a wedding stationery suite out there that perfectly aligns with your vision. From escort cards to table numbers, we will explore the various components of a stationery suite and provide tips on how to coordinate them seamlessly.

Types of wedding stationery:

1. What’s Hot on the Menu?:

When it comes to the menu, spill the beans! Showcase the starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks that’ll have guests talking for ages. Include dietary symbols like “V” for vegetarian or “GF” for gluten-free options to ensure everyone’s happily munching away. Spice it up with quirky dish names or a little backstory about each culinary delight. Whether it's "Grandma's Secret Recipe" or "Chef’s Special Creation," let your menu cards tantalize those taste buds. And hey, if you're serving a signature cocktail, don’t keep it a secret—let everyone know what's shaking!

Delightful Descriptions: Because 'This Will Be Epic' wasn't an accepted menu description. Let's tantalize those taste buds, one word at a time!

2. Escort Cards: Guide with Flair:

Your escort cards don’t have to be your typical name-and-table-number combo. Get creative! Add a touch of whimsy with fun table names or inside jokes only your squad gets. Make it a game—match guests with tables using things you love or funny anecdotes.  Or choose to use unique materials like mini-planters, vintage keys, or even tiny bottles with guests' names inside. Make them a keepsake, something your guests won't just toss aside. After all, they’re part of your big day's story!

Escort Extraordinaire: It's like GPS for the party, guiding guests to their designated seats with style and grace!

3. Table Numbers That Pop:

Table numbers aren’t just numbers—they’re décor pieces! Make them a statement piece, enhance them with floral arrangements, candles, or quirky centerpieces. Incorporate elements from your theme or personal hobbies—whether it's vintage postcards, photos of places you've traveled, or symbols that hold meaning for both of you. Make guests excited to find their tables!

Bonus points for tying them into your overall theme!

4. Place Cards: Find Your Spot in Style:

Ah, place cards—the ultimate icebreakers! Some people are unaware that place cards and escort cards are completely different! While escort cards are displayed  before you go to the table, place cards are what you see when you sit down. Instead of just names on paper, get creative! Consider mini-easels, wine corks, or even edible goodies doubling as place cards. Add fun elements like doodles, inside jokes, or a short, quirky description of how you know each person. Or have a blast matching personalities or common interests, because why not turn seating into a conversation starter? Trust us, they’ll appreciate the extra effort and will be smiling before they even sit down.

Name Game: It's like speed dating but with tables! Let's pair up guests and spark some party chemistry.

wedding ceremony programs

5. Ceremony Programs:

Think of your ceremony programs as your ceremony's storyteller! Programs will guide guests through the magical moments of your big day, ensuring no one misses a beat .Consider including text that will provide the order of events, ceremony details, musical selections, bridal party introductions. A wholesome element would be to acknowledge any special guests or loved ones. 

Let's roll out the Red Carpet! Your love story deserves the star treatment. Let's craft a script that's part rom-com, part action-adventure!

6. Seating Chart: The Mastermind of Mingling:

A seating chart orchestrates social alchemy, sparking connections and fostering an atmosphere of conviviality. Ensure that it’s a visual layout indicating tables and their corresponding guests' names, designed for easy navigation.

Strategic Seating: Creating a seating symphony that pairs up the shy ones with the life-of-the-party pals – it's mingling magic in action!

7. Buffet Station Cards: Foodie Roadmaps:

These cards make navigating the buffet a breeze.These cards ensure guests navigate the buffet without any culinary confusion. Consider using tall signage so that party goers are able to see them properly. They should include information if they contain any kind of dietary restrictions such as, vegan, gluten free, lactose free.

Buffet Adventure Guide: A delicious roadmap featuring dish names, dietary indicators, and a taste of what's to come! Let's turn the buffet into a culinary journey!

8. Favor Cards: Tokens of Appreciation:

Favor cards are love notes, thanking guests for being part of your special day and offering a sweet takeaway. A heartfelt 'thank you' message or personalized note accompanying the wedding favors.

Sweet Sentiments! Let's wrap these little surprises in gratitude and tie them with a bow of appreciation!

9. Welcome Sign: First Impressions are Important:

Selecting the perfect welcome sign for your wedding is all about balancing your personal style, and the vibe you want to create. Begin by considering the overall aesthetic, are you looking for modern, vintage, or bold. Keep in mind this is one of the first things your guests will see, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s on point! Once you have figured out the mood you want, you’ll want to decide on size, and this time size does matter ;). You’ll want to make sure that the sign is visible and legible from a distance. 

Who doesn’t love to personalize their own creations? And if so you’ll want to opt for a sign that allows customization with your names, wedding date, or a meaningful quote. Tying in, material matters, too; wooden signs exude warmth, while acrylic or chalkboard signs provide a contemporary feel. Consider the backdrop of your venue and choose colors that harmonize with the surroundings. 

Lastly, ensure that the font and style of the welcome sign align with the overall design scheme of your wedding stationery. 

gold mirror unplugged ceremony sign

10. Unplugged Wedding Sign: Switching Off to Say 'I Do':

Have you ever been to a wedding, and noticed that Aunt Martha has her phone out and pointing down the aisle as the bride arrives at the altar? Now have you ever wanted to tackle them, or yell across the aisle to tell them to put their phone away? Well instead of worrying about that for your own wedding, we highly recommend creating an unplugged wedding sign. 

In this case, you’ll want to make sure that the wording is clear, and concise, and your font is eligible for all to see. This will ensure that there aren't any excuses as to why they “couldn’t see it” or it “wasn’t clear enough.” 

11. Additional Signage: The Event Roadmap:

Why It's Important: Extra signage – from 'Dance Floor Rules' to 'Photo Booth Fun' signs – adds flair and keeps guests informed.

Sign Language! Let's jazz up these signs to make every corner of your venue an Instagram-worthy hotspot!

12. Bar Signs: Decisions, Decisions

After a beautiful ceremony, what’s the next best part of a wedding? Drinks of course! This is by far a favorite among guests. It’s where they can mingle, celebrate your union as newly weds, and obviously when you take your first sip, you know that the party's just beginning!

Choosing the format that you want your bar sign to be is limitless, some very popular options are:

  • Chalkboard Signs

  • Acrylic Signs

  • Neon Signs

  • Wooden Signs

Designing your wedding day suite

Before you get lost in a sea of escort cards, ask yourselves: what’s the vibe? Are you envisioning a romantic garden wedding, a glamorous black-tie affair, or a swanky urban affair? Figuring this out will guide your stationery choices. The style of your stationery sets the mood. Want to ooze elegance? Think fancy fonts and gold foil. Prefer something laid-back? Embrace clean lines and modern designs. Your stationery should reflect the ambiance you want to convey to your guests.

Start by gathering inspiration from various sources, such as wedding blogs, Pinterest, or even nature itself. Look for color palettes, patterns, and motifs that resonate with you and align with your wedding vision. Whether you choose a specific theme or opt for a more abstract concept, make sure it's something that represents you as a couple and sets the tone for your special day.

gold wedding table sign

1. Keep It Clear & Concise

While injecting personality is crucial, don’t forget the main goal: clarity! Ensure that table number cards and place cards are easy to read and understand. You don’t want Uncle Bob ending up at Table 22 when he was meant for Table 2!

record player wedding signage

2. Spice It Up with Personal Touches

Sure, these cards guide your guests, but they can also be a little peek into your relationship. Monograms, doodles, or a snazzy quote that defines your love story—this is where you can add that extra zing. Add personal anecdotes, inside jokes, or trivia about each guest to their place cards. Make them feel seen and appreciated! Your stationery should shout, “Hey, it's us!” and make your guests feel like they’re in for a celebration as unique as you two. 

dog treat wedding favours

3. Colors, Darling, Colors!

Let’s talk about the fun stuff—colors! Are you more into pastels that scream "Instagram dream" or bold, in-your-face hues that say "we're here to party"? Whatever floats your boat, make sure your stationery colors play well together. You want that cohesive look that screams, “We totally planned this!”

diy wedding stationery

DIY vs. professional wedding stationery

One important decision you'll need to make when choosing your wedding stationery is whether to go the DIY route or hire a professional. DIY can be a cost-effective option, especially if you're creative and enjoy crafting. It allows you to have complete control over the design and gives you the satisfaction of creating something unique.

However, keep in mind that DIY can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large guest list. It also requires a certain level of skill and expertise to achieve professional-looking results. If you prefer a stress-free experience and want to ensure a high-quality finish, consider working with a professional stationery designer or printer. They have the knowledge and experience to bring your vision to life and handle all the technical aspects of production.

Selecting the perfect paper and printing technique

The choice of paper and printing technique can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your wedding stationery. There are various paper types available, each with its own texture and weight. Consider factors such as thickness, color, and finish to find the perfect paper that complements your design.

When it comes to printing techniques, there are several options to choose from. Digital printing is a cost-effective and versatile option suitable for most designs. Letterpress printing offers a luxurious and tactile feel, perfect for elegant and traditional invitations. Foil stamping adds a touch of metallic shine, while thermography creates a raised texture. Explore these different printing techniques to find the one that best enhances your chosen design.

Consistency is Key

Remember, your table number cards and place cards are part of the stationery crew. Keep them in line with the same fonts, colors, and design as your invites and menus. Consistency is key to that ‘put-together’ look! 

Why Early Booking Matters: Insider Tips from Jo's Paper Kitchen

Booking your stationer early is not just a suggestion—it's a savvy move that ensures your wedding vision becomes a reality without a hitch. As Jo's Paper Kitchen wisely advises, while stationers often juggle multiple weddings, securing your spot well in advance guarantees they can dedicate ample time to your project. Trust me, I've been there with the last-minute vendor scramble, and it's not a fun place to be! Aim for that sweet spot of 4-6 months lead time, especially if you've got a sizable order or unique materials in mind. Don't let the fear of being late to the booking game hold you back—there's no shame in planning ahead to make sure your invites are as perfect as can be. So, take a cue from Jo and beat the rush by reaching out early to ensure your stationer can work their magic on your big day.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, now you’ve got the lowdown on how to jazz up your wedding stationary! These details might be small, but trust us, they’ll leave a lasting impression. Congratulations on finding your lobster! Time to make your wedding stationery dreams a reality!

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