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Whimsical Wedding Galleries

At Whimsical Creative, we specialize in creating unique and memorable events for our clients! Here, you can browse some of our favorite weddings, each showing you the whimsy, unique and imaginative touch our team of wedding planners and florists brings to every event. From breathtaking outdoor ceremonies adorned with delicate florals to glamorous indoor receptions bathed in soft candlelight, the galleries will transport you and show you what can be possible for you, too!

Melanie and Karli Houston Wedding Planners and Florists

Hi there!

We are Melanie and Karli, business partners, work wives, besties and founders of Whimsical Creative. Designing unique and memorable events for our clients is our absolute favorite thing to do! We love drawing inspiration from not only other weddings, but things like architecture, art and nature. Think beyond the Pinterest algorithm and find what truly inspires you. Take a look around your house, is there a piece that you love? What about your favorite vacation or date night spot? Design is not just copy and pasting, it's a reflection of who you are and it tells a story, whether you realize it or not. Why should your wedding be any different?

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